Ionic Hair Straightener Brush - Neshtary
Ionic Hair Straightener Brush - Neshtary
Ionic Hair Straightener Brush - Neshtary
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Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush

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This brush uses ionization technology to close the hair’s cuticles to prevent split ends and frizz. The multiple rows of bristles interlock and grip sections of your hair gently as the heat brush goes to work releasing negative ions to make hair shiny and smooth as it straightens.

5 Adjustable levels: Unlike conventional flat irons, the hair straightener brush prevents burns with a PTC heating system that is easy to use, heats up in 30 seconds, and releases negative ions to prevent frizz, split ends, and knots. For thin and fine, bleached, dyed, and dark hair types, choose a heat setting between 120℃ to 160℃. For normal to very curly hair, difficult to style hair, and thick hair types, select a heat between 160℃-200℃.

Safety: The entire heated area is surrounded with hard plastic bristles that protect you from burns, comes with an anti-scalding glove, and keep you safe from high heat. Plus, the hairbrush straightener with an easy to read LED display, managing the temperature is a total breeze as you can easily adjust the heat setting via the display.

Ergonomic Design: Made of High-quality heat-retardant plastic and anti-scald cool tip bristles, you’ll never have to worry about burning your fingers, head, or face. Additionally, this brush straightener is well-designed and comfortable to hold, with a 360° swivel power cord that lets you position the brush at the optimal angle.


Warranty: 12 Months